Wouldn’t it be just great to be able to offer your kids a kind of snack that is tasty and healthy at the same time? Although fruits and vegetables might be part of this category, in some cases there is need for something more consistent.

In this case you should take a look at some sandwich recipes that offer something different to the child and in the same time are easy and fast to prepare.

Homemade Snacks

In order to spice up a basic sandwich, you should add some elements that he or she doesn’t encounter every day, like mango Chutney. This is actually a spicy sweet mixture of onions, brown sugar, fresh mango and also curry powder that adds sophistication to the most basic sandwiches that might seem dull.

Aioli could also be a great alternative, especially in case you got bored of the same old mayonnaise all the time. You could create your own homemade mayonnaise made of raw eggs that comes with garlic. This type of mayonnaise is better than the one you buy from the shop for it lacks preservatives and flavor accelerators.

Still you should make sure that the little one likes this, because there are some people who say that this kind of sandwich topic might not be the most suitable for children.

There are thousands of ways to create variations of Chutney. Besides the one with mango, you could also make green tomato Chutney. In the end the sauce should be rather sweet than spicy because of the green apple and ginger. The green tomatoes also offer a fresh and lively flavor.

In order to achieve the best combination, try the sauce with some leftover pork. You can be sure that there wouldn’t be anything else that your kid will rather eat after tasting the combination.

Bread-and-butter zucchini pickle is really easy to create in case you have a little surplus of zucchini in your garden. You will be thrilled by the end result and this sauce is best served with ham and cheese sandwich, but you could have it with just any kind of sandwich.

One of the most interesting magical touches that you will ever hear about is the maple mustard. This is surely an original addition to an afternoon snack but there is no way to go wrong with it.

The taste that it has is a sweet and spicy one and the advantage is that there aren’t a lot ingredients needed for it. All you have to do is to mix yellow and spicy brown mustard with maple syrup, and you can be certain that not only the kids, but the entire family will be thrilled by the idea that you had.

There is a kind of spiced goat cheese spread that you can find at some of the supermarkets, but in case you would like to be sure that your kid will like the spread, take the goat cheese that you have lying around the refrigerator and add garlic and herbs to it.

In the end you will achieve a spread that is creamy and that has a different flavor from everything that your little one has ever tasted before.



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