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Sandwich Fillings

Top Sandwich Fillings for the Hungry Hearts

The sandwich has come a long way from being an impromptu lunch thrown together by Earl of Sandwich because he didn’t want to disturb his game of cards to eat. Sandwiches are no longer two pieces of breads with some meat thrown in between. They have gone gourmet. The ease of putting together and eating […]

Hangover cures that work

Hangover Cures that Work Around the World (Infographic)

A wild last night can be great fun but the aftermath the day after is certainly not. To be in the hurt locker is the last thing one needs after the euphoria of a wild night. Hangover cures that work are hard to find. Abstinence may be a sure shot way to not have a […]

Ways to Roast Chicken

The Versatile Ways to Roast Chicken

There are a lot of people who have some problems with certain kinds of meat. There might be religious reasons for this, but also some reasons that are related to health. For example it is known that red meat isn’t the healthiest food of all. This is why chicken seems to be the most popular […]

Best Moscow Restaurants

Best Moscow Restaurants You Would Want to Try

Russia is surely bearing the mark of contrasts and eating there is an experience you should consider at least once in a lifetime. In case you like good food, there are some places that you shouldn’t miss out on for among other things, Russia is famous for its restaurants. It is true that you might […]

30 Minute dishes

30 Min Can Make a Delicious Main Course

When the majority of the people hear about main dishes, they usually think about something complicated that takes a lot of time to prepare. You should know that there are a lot of different kinds of main courses that can be done with a little fuss as they don’t need a lot of time to […]