Russia is surely bearing the mark of contrasts and eating there is an experience you should consider at least once in a lifetime. In case you like good food, there are some places that you shouldn’t miss out on for among other things, Russia is famous for its restaurants.

Best Moscow Restaurants

It is true that you might have to pay $400 for a single meal, but in the end you will think that the money has been well spent. It is interesting to know that until the 1980s there have been no private restaurants in Russia, and even in this period there have been few people who could afford to visit such places.

If you are thinking about experiencing something new from a culinary point of view, there are some places that you should consider.

Turandot is known to be one of the most expensive places to eat at in the world. There is a carved golden cupola and there are also musicians entertaining the clients.

Besides this you will also find a replica of a fireplace from Versailles. All this is to be found in modern Moscow where food serving has become a chance for luxury and style to manifest.

The menu has been created here by Alan Yau and it guides you through the entire Europe and Asia. There are some dishes that combine the elements of several continents, such as the Pecking duck garnished with beluga caviar.

There are also some really simple dishes that are in contrast with the overwhelming feeling that the surroundings offer you.

Varvary is known for the different approach that it has towards the setting of a best moscow restaurants. Here you will find the comfort that the rustic Russia had to offer. Also you should be prepared for the fact that at this restaurant everything has been reinvented.

Do you remember the traditional look of borsch? You can be sure that in this place you won’t find that. There will be slivers of crisp beets coming with garlic ice cream. A three-hour stay at this place costs about $300 and naturally this includes only the food, without having anything to drink.

Bar Strelka has been created in the building that in the past has been used by a chocolate factory. If you are looking for something refreshing to eat, this is the place to go.

You will be taken aback by the simplicity of certain dishes, such as the butter lettuce leaves cupping falafel with added apple and mint. In the same time the meat is also simply grilled and they don’t make a lot of fuss about seafood.

Café Kachapuri might have the name of a café, but it is actually a Georgian restaurant, where you will find the dishes that are the specialty of this country. Because of political issues you won’t be able to find true Georgian wine here, but the coffee will make up for your loss. The place is also appealing because of the simple style that it has.



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