The sandwich has come a long way from being an impromptu lunch thrown together by Earl of Sandwich because he didn’t want to disturb his game of cards to eat. Sandwiches are no longer two pieces of breads with some meat thrown in between. They have gone gourmet.

The ease of putting together and eating a sandwich makes it the most popular lunch for office goers. It is a convenient food that takes a couple of minutes to eat in between busy schedules. The popularity of sandwich in its different forms is on the surge and it is  definitely becoming the food of the future.

Sandwich Fillings

The English sandwich with thin slices of breads and a thinner slice of meat is not very popular among sandwich eaters as most are looking for a one hand meal that satisfies their mid day hunger.

People are now opting for a wide range of breads and a wider range of Sandwich Fillings to go with it.

Though the simple white and brown breads will never go out of fashion, people are now ready for gourmet breads that are flavored with things as varied as baked beans and bacon.

They are looking for exotic fillings like smoked salmon, wasabi flavored mayonnaise, scallops, char-grilled pineapples, pheasants, prawns, sliced turkey, avocado, water cress, gourmet cheese and anything that may come to your mind or your gourmet tongue may desire.

Here are a few favorite sandwich fillings that people swear by. They may or may not be available in shops or delis but you can try making them at home. Most people prefer the New York Deli sandwiches with thick and big breads and a lot of fillings but who says you cannot make your own making use of the right ingredients?

A homemade favorite is fish finger sandwich with peanut butter. One thick bread spread with mayo, forms the base for four thick fish fingers followed by a sprinkling of cheese, which is then covered with another thick slice with peanut butter spread over it.

Another one has French fries bundled between bread with a little butter and ketchup. These may sound low brow but they sure are loved.

You can also try a huge croissant stuffed with curried chicken (cold), pine nuts and raisins. Spicy and sweet!

For the healthy eater, bundle sliced turkey, sprouts and vine ripened tomatoes between multi grain bread with an avocado spread as a great topping.

Multiple combinations of different vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot, cucumbers, red onions, bell peppers, sprouts, sun dried vegetables, olives and others are widely used along with mayonnaise (varied flavors), peanut butter, butter, avocado, wasabi, and whatever else that may catch the fantasy of the busy sandwich eater.

Those who love their meat in sandwiches swear by chicken in its various forms, ham, bacon, turkey, salmon, lamb and even steak.

Here is a great combination to try. You will need some salmon fillets that will have to be grilled or fried, seasoned with salt and pepper as you cook them.

While the salmon cooks, mix a little lemon juice, dill, mayonnaise, horseradish, garlic, chives and chopped capers. Spread the mix on a bun or bread. Add the grilled salmon and some cucumbers and you have a delectable sandwich ready to appease the grumbling in your stomach.



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