When it comes to cuisine, there is one thing that America is really famous for: the pie. This could already be considered a typical national food and there are numerous different kinds so you can be sure that you will find some that you will simply get addicted to.

One of the pies that you should know about is the Shoofly Pie. The pie has been created for the first time by Dutch cooks in Pennsylvania at the end of the 18th century. The pie is rich in molasses because in that period there has been a short fruit supply.

American PieIn our days the tradition goes on, and you can find the pie in Pennsylvania in the family owned Bird-in-Hand Bakery in Lancaster County. The tradition hasn’t been interrupted for 40 years.

The Shaker Lemon Pie is another one of those that you shouldn’t forget about. This has been created in the 19th century by Shaker settlers. They had the great idea of filling a tender crust with slices of lemon marinated in sugar. You can find the original pie in the Golden Lamb inn that has been created in 1803 in the town of Lebanon, Ohio. You should know that this is considered to be the oldest business in town.

You might know that Georgia is often referred to as the ‘peach state’ and so it is no wonder that there has been a peachy delight created in this state. It got the name of Fried Peach Pies. You can find these in Relish, a three-year-old restaurant. Instead of getting thick slices, you will get crispy fried pies that are filled with peach nectar, sugar, vanilla and dried peaches.

The Chocolate-Pecan Tartlets are also one of those not-so-traditional pies. If you ever go to Kentucky during the Derby, you simply have to make a stop at Sweet Surrender Dessert Café and try their special pie. It is said that in order to create this desert the chef should soak the pecans in bourbon the night before baking the tartlets.

Although the name of the Mississippi Mud Pie doesn’t really sound appetizing, for sure you shouldn’t miss out on it. According to the folklore, the pie got its name because the fudgy base resembles the muddy bottom of the Mississippi river. You can find a special version of the pie in Indianola at the Crown Restaurant.

Is there any person who didn’t hear about the Key Lime Pie? This is considered to be the official dessert of the Sunshine State, and you will find the best one at Louie’s Backyard, made of the namesake citrus of the island. The difference between the pie made here and the other ones is that they use a ginger-molasses crust instead of the graham cracker bottom to create a contrast with the zestiness of the limes.

Naturally you could make these pies at home as well, and you don’t have to go to other places to get them. Nonetheless you should be prepared to find numerous different kinds of recipes.



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