Summer cocktails are refreshing and soothing on a hot day. Fresh fruits are a must for the perfect cocktails on a warm evening. One can easily experiment with the stuff lying in the kitchen to come up with variants on the popular cocktails.

Summer CocktailsThe basic daiquiri, Margarita, sangria or Cosmo can be given your own personal twist with whatever fruit you can lay your hands on.

Experiment by trying to add hot sauce, spices and unusual flavors to give the refreshing cocktails your personal touch.

For example you can create your own version of French 75 by combining fresh fruit with Champagne, to give a bubbly start to the evening.

Ginger ale, root beer and beer can be combined with different ingredients to reinvent classics like Michelada. Rum, bourbon, rye and whisky can be given new flavors with the help of fresh fruits and herbs like mint.

You can easily serve classics with modern twists if you play around with these liquors.

If you have a taste for fun try these trendy summer cocktails that have been hand picked for your tingling taste buds.

Margarita is a popular tequila cocktail with lime juice, Cointreau and sugar. Go classy with a salt rim or even a fleur de sel.

Classic Mint Julep is the perfect choice for a warm summer evening with whiskey, soda water, sugar and mint. All on crushed ice.

Try out personalized Sangria which is basically the combination of a wine and a fruit of choice. So pick your favorite wine and a fresh fruit to surprise your guests. Add a twist with a little brandy.

White rum, sugar and lime juice are all it takes to conjure up the perfect Daiquiri. The perfect balance of rum, lime, sugar, club soda and mint creates the cubam Mojito.

Add some spice to the evening with a Michelada that combines Mexican Lager with hot sauce and lime juice. French 75 is the perfect start to an evening celebration. Combine a fruit of choice with champagne, gin and some syrup and see the bubbly spirit rise.

Try the classic sazerac with the perfect combination of cognac with bitters. It is among the earliest American cocktails. Combine cherry liqueur with gin for the perfect Aviation that even non gin drinkers will appreciate.

Go berserk with the Peach Donkey. Vodka, peach pure, ginger liqueur combined, stirred and stirred some more, mixed with crushed ice and then topped off with ginger beer – all served in a highball glass is the perfect summer delight.

Here is a nice twist to the Daiquiri. Try the Rhuby Diaquiri – the refreshing take on Daiquiri with Maraschino liqueur, Rhubarb syrup, Chinese five spice powder and ginger, this drink was inspired from the tasty rhubarb pie.

Experiment with the Cajun lemonade. The traditional summer delight pays ode to the New Orleans flavors. Combine Pimm’s cup, 7-up, Lemonade, a little Tabasco with plenty of vodka or rum for this great drink.

Spice up the evening with ají limo in your cocktail drink. All this inspired cocktail needs is Cachaca, simple syrup, lime juice, chilly, ginger and thyme leaves. Shake all ingredients well, strain into ice filled rock glass and serve garnished with thyme leaves.

So go ahead and rock, shake and stir to make refreshing sours, bitters, sweet and salty cocktails. Call up your guests and experiment. It’s up to you and your creativity to serve the perfect cocktail.



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