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Coffee Machines

Your Practical Guide to the Best Coffee Machines

When thinking about buying coffee machines there are certain aspects that you have to take into consideration, such as the kind of coffee that you like (filter, cappuccino or espresso) how much coffee you drink and how often would you use the machine. The prices of the machines vary a lot depending on the type […]

Hot Summer Day Drinks-Mojito

Hot Summer Days and the Drinks to Serve Your Friends

During the hot summer days, every person is looking for something that would cool them down, and what could be better than a nice cold drink? There are numerous different kinds of drinks that you might like, and these don’t necessarily have to be complicated. Lemonade What could be simpler than lemonade? You just need […]

Potato Salad

Potato Salads – The Dependable Light Meal for Summer Days

Potato is considered to be something basic when it comes to food. The best thing about it is the versatility that it offers. There are numerous different meals that we can do with the help of potatoes, and one of the best is the potato salad. Even in this case there are many different recipes […]

Cocktails and Drinks for a Casino Themed Party

Whether you’re hosting a weekly poker game with friends or planning a casino-themed party, having the right drinks to serve can be the difference between a great party your friends will talk about for months or a dud of an evening everyone would like to forget. The good news is that following the simple tips […]

Summer Finger Food

Summer Finger Food for the Friendly Gatherings

In the majority of the cases when people hear about summer parties, they also think about finger foods. The most important characteristic of them is that they don’t drip or fall apart and they don’t need many dishes to be served in either. Nonetheless you shouldn’t forget about offering some serving spoons, toothpicks and napkins. […]

Summer Brunch

Summer Brunch and the Perfect Recipes for It

Who would like to wake up early during the summer? Since there are only a few people who are doing so, the majority of the others opt for having brunch instead of breakfast and lunch. This way you can save time and have two meals in one. There are many different things that you could […]