Whether you’re hosting a weekly poker game with friends or planning a casino-themed party, having the right drinks to serve can be the difference between a great party your friends will talk about for months or a dud of an evening everyone would like to forget.

The good news is that following the simple tips below can steer you in the right direction and get your party or poker game started off on the right foot and on its way to a roaring success.

1. Classy is always cool: If you’re aiming for an elegant casino theme with guests in tuxes and evening dresses who’ll have the chance to play casino games like roulette, you don’t want to offer them Bud Lite in cans.

Make sure you have plenty of ingredients for cocktails on hand and either hire a bartender or brush up on your drink knowledge. Make sure you know your way around a martini as that’s typically the most popular request at themed parties where guests are playing the part of sophisticated high-rollers.

2. Beer me: On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re hosting a weekly poker game there’s no reason to make things more complicated than they need to be. Poker players like beer. Lots of it. And whiskey. And sometimes vodka.

Make sure you have plenty of beer on hand and pick a decent selection of mid-range beers like Sam Adams, Corona, and Sierra Nevada (and grab some Budweiser too, as you’ll always have one dedicated Bud drinker in any crowd).

Have the basics on hand as far as hard alcohol such as whiskey, vodka, and rum, but don’t go overboard, as poker players aren’t the pickiest of drinkers.

3. Be considerate to non-drinkers: Don’t get so caught up in the booze that you forget the fact that more than a few of your partygoers will be abstaining from alcohol for a wide variety of reasons.

An ample supply of booze can help many parties along but be sure you provide plenty of appealing non-alcoholic drink options as well — and no, a glass of tap water doesn’t count. Lots of juices can be used as mixers for alcoholic drinks and for non-drinkers as well, with soda and ginger ale serving double-duty too.



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