During the hot summer days, every person is looking for something that would cool them down, and what could be better than a nice cold drink? There are numerous different kinds of drinks that you might like, and these don’t necessarily have to be complicated.


What could be simpler than lemonade? You just need some fresh water, lemons and sugar or honey. In case you would like some extra spice, think about adding some mint as well.

Hot Summer Day Drinks-MojitoKool-Aid

For sure you have heard about this beverage before, since summer wouldn’t be summer without it.

It is true that it has a lot of sugar in it, but it is so tasty that the majority of people simply can’t resist, and why should they? A Kool-Aid from time to time never hurts anybody, right?

Iced Tea

Tea is one of the oldest beverages of them all. There are some of them that have been especially created to be frosted, but in case you don’t have those, you could make regular tea and then just add some ice to it.

You can drink it sweetened or unsweetened, it doesn’t matter because you will achieve just perfect beverage anyway.


You can find smoothies in stores, but you should know that these are filled with sugar and preservatives. It may be a better choice to create your own smoothie at home. In order to achieve a refreshing beverage, just add some fresh fruit, yogurt, ice and a little orange juice to a blender and then enjoy your beverage.


This is a classic beverage that has been inspired by the Cuban people. It is made of white rum, lime juice, sugar, mint and water. To add a twist to it, you could also include spearmint or basil. It is interesting to know that this has been the favorite beverage of Ernst Hemingway.

Arnold Palmer

The beverage got its name after the famous golf player and this is said to be one of the best beverages during the hot summer days, because it combines the two most important beverages in this season: ice tea and lemonade. In case you feel like you need a little more spice, add some alcohol and create a Tom Arnold cocktail. Usually vodka is added to the beverage.


This is said to be one of the most popular beverages and the best thing about it is that there are numerous different kinds to choose from. In case you feel like you can’t find one that would satisfy your needs and would be just great for your taste, you could also create your own blend.

Beer also has a social side, because there are a lot of people who go out for a beer, not for the drinking but for spending time with friends and catching up.

There are some other summer beverages that you might like as well, and their majority is based on fruit juice with a bit of alcohol to it.



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