When thinking about buying coffee machines there are certain aspects that you have to take into consideration, such as the kind of coffee that you like (filter, cappuccino or espresso) how much coffee you drink and how often would you use the machine.

The prices of the machines vary a lot depending on the type of coffee and the ease of use.

Coffee MachinesYou could go for cafetieres that have a glass container with a wire filter attached to the plunger. The best thing about them is that you can make the exact amount of coffee that you want; so they are perfect if you need a couple of cups.

Another advantage is that they represent great value and they look very good in the kitchen.

The filter coffee makers are also a great option for the coffee drinkers. They come with different cup measures and they are very easy to use. The technology used involves the water dripping through the basket of ground coffee and the advantage is that there is no need to boil the water before making the coffee.

Another advantage of this kind of machine is that they usually come with thermos pots and hot plates, keeping the coffee warm for a longer period.

Some of the models come with permanent holders, while others have paper holders. In case of the permanent holders you don’t have to spend money on the paper holders, but it is messy to clean the holder. The paper holders are more hygienic and you can simply throw them away after use.

There are also the percolators that use a ‘pod’ system. You can think of them as round tea bags; these offer you a cup of fresh coffee without any mess. In this case, the coffee is put in a holder at the top and there is water at the bottom. The moment water starts boiling, it is forced through a vertical pipe through the coffee.

In order to see how dark the coffee gets, there is a glass dome at the top. This might be the best solution for those who like to vary the strength of their coffee, although some people say that the coffee made this way isn’t that good.

The espresso and cappuccino makers are driven by steam and they have the possibility to make very strong coffee. The espresso coffee is known to be stronger and more concentrated than filter coffee and it is used as base for latte or cappuccino.

For this purpose there is the pressure machine. In this case the water is boiled in a chamber and so pressure and steam is built. In the end there will be enough pressure to force the water through the coffee.

Let’s not forget about the Nespresso either. This is also a kind of pod system. The best thing about them is that they represent an easy way to make coffee, not to mention that all the major brands have Nespresso systems.



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