It is a well-known fact that one of the most popular alcoholic beverages is red wine. It is made of grape through the process of fermentation. The red color is given by a process called maceration.

Here are some really famous red wines that you should know about.

Cabernet Franc

The main ingredients of the wine, the red grapes, are grown in France, in Loire Valley. Although this wine can be consumed on its own, it is also used as a blender in order to make other kinds of wines as well.

Famous Red WinesCabernet Sauvignon

This is considered to be the most popular red wine by some. The wine originates from Bordeaux, France. It is well-known because of the deep purple color and the special aroma. You don’t have to travel to France to purchase this type of wine. If you’re in the United States, be sure to visit a Virginia Winery. They offer wine tastings and have a great selection of fine wines.


Although the wines that have been mentioned before all come from France, this one comes from Argentina.

The interesting thing about this wine is that it has varying acidity levels and this is also used as a blender to create other French wines.

Pinot Noir

Just as the majority of the well-known wines, this one also comes from France, from the region of Burgundy. Although the grapes are difficult to grow, the wine made of them is worth the effort. The same kind of grape is also grown in California, but these are usually used for making champagne.


The grapes used for this wine are grown in the humid climate of California. It is known for its spicy taste and many times it is blended with other wines.


The grape that the wine is made of is grown only in Italy in the regions of Chianti and Tuscany. The wine has a more complex aroma that makes it popular among the drinkers.


Just as the previous one, this wine is also made of grapes grown in Italy, but in this case the most important region is Piedmont. Also you should know about the wine that it is one of those that taste better as they age.


There are several different names for the same kind of wine, and it is made of grape grown in Australia, California and in Rhone Valley, France. The most specific characteristic of the wine is that it has a special taste of black fruit. While the wine can be used on its own, it is also blended with other kinds of wine to make their taste richer.



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