The truth is that the cuisine of Russia is said to be divine by those that have already tried it, but there are only a few lucky people who actually got to try these dishes. So which one of them you should consider trying?


This is considered to be one of the most well-known traditional Russian foods, and it is a kind of beet soup. Although the beet soups seem to be strange for the majority of the western people, there are some very good reasons for which this has become one of the most popular dishes. It is made of meat and vegetables and there is a blend of different flavors. It is best served with a bit of sour cream.

Traditional Russian DishesPirozhki

Pirozhki is a sweet or salty dish that actually consists in a kind of pastry. There are many things that the pastries can be filled with, including potatoes, cabbage, meat or even cheese.

Caviar or ikra

This kind of food got famous all over the world, but it is the characteristic of Russia. In many cases it is served with a kind of dark bread, or another Russian specialty, blini, which is similar to crepes or pancakes.

Caviar served with buttered bread is also known as zakuska.


Blini has been mentioned before and besides caviar it could have many different filings, such as cheese, jam, onions, and also chocolate syrup. In case you go to a restaurant and you aren’t certain regarding the other kinds of foods, this is always something that you can opt for. The food is considered important in the Russian culture and this is why there is also a festival called Maslenitsa that celebrates with blini the beginning of spring.


Actually shashlyk is the Russian kebab, and just like any other kebab it is made of meat and vegetables.


A certain kind of pantry filled with meatballs is known as pelmeni by the Russians. You can have them on their own, but you could also mix them with sour cream and butter, but they can also be added to soup.


In case of the traditional Russian cuisine you can expect to find just any kind of dish accompanied by sour cream, that is known as smetana by the Russian. This needs to be fresh and in case of the warm dishes it melts on the food, adding a special flavor.



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