White wine is used both as an alcoholic beverage and for spicing different kinds of foods. The birthplace of wine can be considered Europe, and there are many different kinds of white wine produced here, but also in the U. S., New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Chile.


This is the most well-known white wine, and in the same time it is the largest selling one. It has become so popular that it is referred to as the ‘queen of white wines’. It is usually medium to highly acidic and it might have tastes of nuts, fruits, oak, vanilla and different kinds of spices.

White Wine TypesGewurztraminer

This is also a famous kind of white wine that is mainly produced in Germany and France. The name of the wine means ‘spicy’.

This is one of the sweet wines and it comes with a floral fragrance. It is known for being produced in the cool parts of the world.

Pinot grigio

In the U. S. the same kind of wine is known as Pinot Gris. This is said to be the second favorite wine of the wine fans. Those who know a little something about wine say that it works best when it is combined with seafood.

It is different from all the others because of the citrus aroma that it has. Also you should know that the wines coming from different regions have pretty different tastes.

Sauvignon blanc

This kind of wine is also known as ‘fume blanc’. Since this is one of the most cost effective wines of them all, it has become extremely popular among the middle class. It comes from Loire and Bordeaux, but it is also produced in California, South Africa and New Zealand. There are many different flavors that get mixed in the wine, including lemon, grapes and gooseberry.


One of the things that this wine is known for is the fact that it is the most expensive white wine, and so people usually consume it on special occasions. It is produced in France, Germany and also New York. The specific characteristic of Riesling is that it comes with a fruity flavor. Also it is good to be known that it ages more than the majority of the white wines and some say that the best combination is Riesling with the Asian cuisine.

Which one of these white wines is your favorite, or which one would you try?



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