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Roasting a Whole Pig

The Steps to Know When Roasting a Whole Pig

While in some cases it is tradition to be roasting a whole pig, in other cases we might be talking about a practical solution if you have a lot of mouths to feed. But how to roast a whole pig? Step one First of all you will need a pig that you can find at […]

Christmassy Red Velvet Desserts

The Very Christmassy Red Velvet Desserts

In case you are really into the holiday spirit, then it is very likely that you will never be tired of holiday red velvet sweets, and may be there are some that you haven’t tried yet. You have the possibility to choose between the classic cakes and also the soufflés. Chocolate layered red velvet cake […]

Home Made Candy Cane

Home Made Candy Cane: Delicious Tree Decoration

It is true that you can buy candy canes in almost any store, still it is different when you make them on your own, because you can decorate them and shape them in any way you want to. Ingredients In order to prepare the homemade candy canes you need a cup of corn syrup, a […]

Christmas Ham - Maple and Mustard Glazed

Christmas Ham: Is the Delight Conditioned by Price?

When Christmas comes the majority of people like to have some ham on their table, and although it is said that this is an expensive dish, we might say that Christmas isn’t the time to look at the price of the items. Baked ham with spiced cherry glaze The ingredients of this tasty dish include […]


Eggnog: The History of One of the Most Beloved Christmas Traditions

There are a lot of people who think that eggnog has been brought from Europe by the settlers. In reality this is only partly true. Eggnog is closely related to different kinds of wine and milk punches that have been traditional in Europe. Still the American version is pretty different from these punches. While Europeans […]

Types of Oysters

The Most Famous Types of Oysters

It is interesting to know that there are only five types of oysters harvested in the U. S. and each region has an oyster that has become popular among the consumers. Crassostrea gigas These are also known as Pacific oysters. They are quite small and they have a sweet flavor, becoming the most cultivated oyster […]

Notorious Pasta Shapes

The Most Notorious Pasta Shapes

The majority of the average people in the moment when they talk about pasta, they don’t necessarily have a specific type in mind. Nonetheless you should know that there are about a hundred different pasta types, and all of them have their specific characteristics. Casarecci This kind of pasta is also known as cesariccia. They […]

Chinese vs Cantonese

Traditional Chinese vs. Versatile Cantonese Recipes

Let’s admit it: the Chinese cuisine and the Cantonese cuisine are quite similar, but naturally both of them have their specific elements. Spicy beef with shrimp and bok choy This is one of the easy to prepare Chinese recipes that you could also try at home. To achieve the perfect taste you will need ¼ […]