It is true that you can buy candy canes in almost any store, still it is different when you make them on your own, because you can decorate them and shape them in any way you want to.


In order to prepare the homemade candy canes you need a cup of corn syrup, a cup of sugar, water, half a teaspoon of peppermint oil, quarter a teaspoon of tartar oil, powdered, sugar, food coloring, cookie sheet and a saucepan.

Home Made Candy CanePreparing the sheet

To prepare the cookie sheet you should apply a thin layer of powdered sugar. This way the candy will become sweeter and won’t stick to the bottom of the sheet.

Adding the ingredients

Add the corn syrup, sugar and cream of tartar along with a cup of water to a saucepan. Make sure that you mix the ingredients through thorough stirring.

Adding heat

Place the saucepan over medium heat. The mixture should achieve a crack stage. When this happens, add the peppermint oil. Then divide the mixture into two, and add to one of them the food coloring.

Pouring the mixtures

You should add the two mixtures that you have to the cookie sheet that you have previously prepared. Have strips formed of them. Before handling the candy again, you should ensure that they are cool enough.

Giving the candy shape

Take the strips and roll them. Then take a colored strip and a white one and twist them together. In order to achieve the traditional shape of candy cane, you shouldn’t forget to make the ‘u’ form in the end. The candy still needs some drying, and so you should put them back on the cookie sheet that you prepared. The cooler the candy is, the harder it is.

The method that has been presented is only a basic one. You can use your imagination to create more interesting shapes of candy. Another thing that you could change is the color of it. In case you aren’t a big fan of tradition, you could be using two different colors, not white, such as blue and yellow or orange and purple.

In order to change the taste of the candy you could also opt for other kinds of oil as well besides peppermint oil. Although you could experiment with candy, it is better to make sure that you have some white and red ones that you can hang on the Christmas tree as decoration.

The total time needed for the project is of about 75 minutes, and you have to be prepared for the fact that the first canes that you make might look somewhat crooked. Nonetheless you shouldn’t think that this will always be this way because the more you practice, the better looking the canes will become. Just give the matter some time.

You could try to prepare the canes with someone who has some experience in the matter to offer you guidance in the process. This way it is easier to see what technique to use.



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