The majority of the average people in the moment when they talk about pasta, they don’t necessarily have a specific type in mind. Nonetheless you should know that there are about a hundred different pasta types, and all of them have their specific characteristics.


This kind of pasta is also known as cesariccia. They are quite short and they are both rolled and twisted. They originate from Italy and they usually represent the base for meat sauces.

Notorious Pasta ShapesCavatelli

This name actually has two meanings. One of them refers to a kind of pasta in the shape of small shells, usually served hot with thick sauces or used in case of pasta salads.

The same name is also used for a kind of dumpling made with ricotta cheese.


Just as the previous one, this is also a kind of Italian pasta that has the shape of conch shells. Usually it is used with pasta salads, meat or tomato sauces. The same kind of pasta also has a smaller version that is known as conchigliette. There are larger pastas of the same kind too that can be stuffed, and these got the name of conchiglioni.

Creste di galli

It is just natural that the pasta got its name because of its shape of cockscomb.


In English this kind of pasta is also known as bow ties or butterfly pasta. In the majority of the cases it is served with chunky sauces or used in pasta salads. There is a smaller version called farfallini and a larger version known as farfallone.


The most specific thing about this pasta is that it has the shape of springs or screws. This is just perfect for casseroles, thick sauces or for pasta salads. There is a longer version of the pasta available, known as fusilli col buco.


In Italian the name of the pasta means ‘twins’. The pasta is made of two rods twisted together. The advantage is that they are perfect with any kind of sauce and they also work for pasta salads and casseroles.


Since the name of the pasta means ‘lilies’, it is no wonder that the pasta has flower shapes. In the majority of the cases the pasta is served with chunky sauces.

As you can see there are many different kinds of pasta that you might have not known about.



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