Everyone has their favorite grocery store, farmer’s market, or online site to buy food products. But no matter where you go to stock up the refrigerator, whether it’s BuyEmergencyFoods.com or the nearby Ralph’s, it’s possible to eat healthy simply by abiding by a few ground rules. The following diet tips will go a long way toward facilitating a healthy dining regimen in your life:

1. Don’t put creamy dressing on your salad. With very few exceptions, creamy dressings will completely counteract whatever health benefits you might gain from the salad itself. Full of saturated fat and horrifyingly high in calories, salad dressings like Ranch, Ceasar, and the countless variations of buttery, salty gelatin are not good for your heart and will trigger your body to produce abdominal fat.

Stick with virgin olive oil, vinegar, lemon, salt and pepper so that you can actually taste the freshness of the vegetables while doing your body a whole world of good.

healthy food2. Eat organic produce. Speaking of vegetables, ensure that you are getting the highest quality produce by buying local organic products.

Not only does it support the environment and sustainable farming, it keeps your body free from pesticides, herbicides and other harmful synthetic chemicals used by the commercial farming industry.

3. If you’re going to eat meat, make it fish. Fish is a much leaner meat, full of protein and healthy fats, including omega 3 oils, which are good for your heart and may help alleviate the symptoms of depression. A pescetarian diet has helped many people lose weight, improve their cardiovascular functions, and feel more energetic.

4. Don’t eat late at night. Not only does it make it harder to fall asleep, your body doesn’t fully break down the food, which can lead to considerable weight gain.

5. Drink plenty of water. Most of the time you feel hungry, but you are actually thirsty. Dehydration is a huge problem for most American adults and health experts say proper water intake could lead to weight loss, increased energy, and an overall better diet.

6. Eat a balanced diet. It’s not an original tip, but making sure you eat balanced amounts of the different food groups ensures that your body will work at optimal strength. On your average day you should consume varying amounts of protein, grain, fruits, vegetables, calcium and as many nutritious foods as you can get your hands on.

7. Cut down on the sweets. Most sources of sugar contain virtually no nutritional value and instead succeed in poisoning your body with an addictive substance that rots your teeth. Try natural alternatives like honey or stevia instead.

8. Don’t eat fast food. Ever. It’s all bad.

Everyone slips up now and then and has a giant Ranch-covered steak salad with chocolate cake for dessert. But if you make it a general habit to watch what you eat and create a responsible diet for yourself, you can lose weight and eat delicious meals on a daily basis.



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