Wine consumption has seen a steady rise over the last decade. Red wine in particular is immensely popular due to its health benefits. A few glasses of red wine every week benefit the heart.

From the world of red wines comes Shiraz, a rich red wine that has become very popular in the United States, also known as Syrah.

A bit of red hearted history

Syrah WineShiraz is made from the Shiraz or Syrah red grapes, originating from the Rhone Valley, France. It was earlier believed that the grapes were native to Persia. The full-bodied wine is hugely in demand across the continent and the particular varieties of grapes are among the largest grown varieties across the world.

The wine is easy to produce, as it does not require aging for consumption. The finer wines can be aged for up to five years and Shiraz is produced as both a dry and a sweet wine, making it popular across patrons.

Quality wine at a comfortable price

The grape variety is known as Syrah in the United States and in the European continent, but is known as Shiraz in the Australian continent. Shiraz is the best quality of wine grapes grown in Australia and the wine is very popular in the country. The wine is exported across the globe and is hugely popular in the States and this has prompted local wineries to make Australian-style wine and call it Shiraz too.

The Australian Shiraz wine is a fine wine that does not burn the pocket. Highly affordable, some of the finest of Shiraz wines are available for $25 a bottle. The stellar wines from Wyndham estate are hugely popular and yet are priced as low as $30.

The local Australian style Syrah wines are even cheaper and can be had for as low as $15 a bottle. No wonder, that this dark grape wine is so popular. Almost everyone can afford it and enjoy the pleasures of a good wine.

Special flavors

Shiraz has a rich dark color and is characterized by flavors like plum, blackberry, spice and pepper. Connoisseurs claim that the wine has hints of bitter chocolate, mocha and licorice too.

The growing temperature of the grapes has a strong say in the flavors of the Shiraz wine.  Cooler climates emphasize the spiciness of the wine and the warmer temperatures bring out the mellow plum flavors and aged wines become mellow as their spiciness is reduced.

Food associations

The wine boasts of a complex bouquet of flavors. The rich spicy flavors ensure that the wine goes well with steaks and ethnic cuisines that are spicy. It is the perfect wine for Indian and Mexican food. The wine is served at 64 degrees Fahrenheit, a relatively warm temperature for a red wine too, in a large glass.

The wine blends beautifully and is used in blends with other wines too. However, the skeptics view the current popularity of the Shiraz wine as a flash in the pan. Only time will tell if the wine will retain its popularity over time. As a wine concept, Shiraz can be defined as a native French wine that was made popular by the Aussies.



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