The perfect Roast beef eludes many. It either is not cooked enough or is overdone not to mention that it’s often too dry, or too moist. There are many ways to go wrong but only one way to get it right. Here are a few handy tips to help you cook the perfect roast beef and win accolades from your fussy family and friends.

Start right

Cooking a perfect dish starts with choosing the perfect ingredients. Choose the right joints for a roast. Rib, Fillet or Sirloin joints work perfectly. Ribs work out the best as a rib is generally cooked on bone, making it tastier.

How to Cook Roast BeefMost prime grade cuts can be roasted for good results. You can also try top round, eye of round rolled rump or rump cuts too. Avoid the lesser cuts, as they are better when cooked with gravies.

When choosing your meat look for three things: dark color (mature and well hung), thick fat covering (adds flavor, and prevents drying during cooking), marbled (adds flavor and prevents drying during cooking).

Now that you have chosen your meat, pick up enough to feed your guests and have some left over too. Cold beef is perfect for sandwiches.

Prep time

Warm the cut to room temperature. To add flavor, you can season it with some salt and pepper or even consider rubbing garlic on the meat.

Warm the oven to 220C/ 425 F/GAS 7. Put the meat on a wire rack and place it in a shallow roasting tray. This will keep the meat from steaming in its own juices. Place the roasting tray in the preheated oven and cook for 30 mins and then lower temperature to 190C/375F/ GAS 5 and cook till done.

 Rare/ Medium/Well done

It is all about the temperatures. To cook roast to perfection, it is essential that you keep track of the temperature of the meat being cooked. Some people prefer tracking the time; it could be just right if you know your oven well.

Push in a meat thermometer into the meat. Choose the thickest part. Cook until the temperature reaches 140° F/60°C, if you like it out of the ordinary. For a medium roast, let the temperatures reach 160° F/70°C. A well-done roast will be ready at 175° F/80°C.

If you would rather go by the clock, cook your meat for 11 mins/ pound (450gms) to get it out of the ordinary. Medium cook roast will take about 14 mins/pound (450 gms) and 16 mins/pound (450 gms) should be enough for a well done roast. Do remember that the thickness of the meat may change the time required. The temperature test is the only fool proof tool.

Before serving

The beef roast is not served straight from the oven. It needs to rest so that the juices can percolate evenly through out the roast. Remove the roast from the oven and rap it loosely with aluminum foil. The resting period allows the fibers of the meat to relax and release a little meat juice too. A roast needs a minimum of 20 minutes to rest; it makes the meat tender and juicy. You can rest the roasted beef for up to an hour.


Carve and serve the perfectly cooked beef roast with bread and vegetables of choice.



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