A Sunday brunch is the perfect celebration of the weekend, after a late Saturday night out. The word brunch may not be very old but the tradition can be traced back to its European origins. Brunches have been a part of the European lifestyle for centuries. They were the perfect repast for late night revelers.

Breakfast has become hurried affair in most households with grownups and kids alike ready to shovel a few mouthfuls before they race off to their respective agendas. Cereals, milk, and a couple of toasts (if lucky) have become the norm. Relaxed breakfasts are left to the weekends and brunches bring back the memories of the relaxed and elaborate breakfasts of the mid 1800s.

Sunday BrunchBreakfast or Lunch?

Brunch is essentially an elaborate breakfast, eaten closer to the lunchtime. It has several courses depending on how formal or informal it is. Brunches are usually held on Sundays but they are perfect for the day after any event running late in the night.

Brunches have become popular in America over the last 7-8 decades and they typically have six or more courses that include a variety of breads, tea/coffee, meat, fish and fruits and whatever else the heart may desire.

Heart-warming food for brunches

Brunches are the perfect reason to enjoy pancakes, waffles, and a variety of breads, eggs, sausages, bacon, scones, preserves, jams and other delicacies that are forgotten in the morning rush.

Some Quick Bread for you?

Quick breads like pancakes popovers, coffeecakes, muffins, loaves, biscuits and scones are a hot favorite. Quick breads essentially use baking soda or similar leavening chemicals to quicken the baking process. They are made using batters or dough of different varieties.

Pancakes are loved all over the world. They are found in varying thickness, right from the thin French crepes to the thick American pancakes. Pancakes are eaten both flat, with syrups or with honey and folded with a range of stuffing inside. Choose from a wide variety of popular pancakes or invent your very own special.

Loaf breads like the banana bread or the corn bread are always in demand. They are made from batters that are mid way between a cake batter and a bread batter.

Muffins, both the English and the American variety are also greatly loved at brunches. The English muffins are flat and cooked on girdles. The American muffins are dome shaped and a cross between bread and a cake.

Eggs, fish and meat

A brunch would be incomplete without an egg dish. Egg benedicts, scrambled eggs, soft boiled or hard-boiled eggs and inventive omelets will all be devoured in delight. Sizzling bacon with your eggs and toast will always be loved.

One could also try sausages of different kinds or even the cute sausage pigs-in-blanket, hand made sausage patties and other versions of delectable sausages. Game meat like duck and other fowl add more variety to the menu. Well-done smoked salmon is perfect too for a lazy Sunday brunch.

Something to drink…

Tea and coffee, are a natural choice but what about some hot chocolate? Hot chocolate and hot white chocolate are both welcome on a cool morning. Fruit smoothies are perfect for the warm summer mornings.

Sweet endings

No brunch can be complete without a few sweet nothings. Try rice pudding, apple pies, breakfast tiramisu, granola trifles or just seasonal fruits and cream to give your brunch the perfect ending.



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