The Christmas period is long over and as a nation we seem to be on the verge of being hit by the reality of all we have eaten and drunk over this period.

The party food meals, skipping lunch in favour of a box of biscuits – soon our bodies will start to crave fruit and vegetables and we’ll be reminded we are supposed to be eating our 5 a day, but why? If we do our exercise, shouldn’t that be enough to keep us fit and healthy making us able to snack on chocolate all day?

Healthy EatingUnfortunately it seems not, the fact that our bodies start craving fruit and veg should be clue enough, but let’s look at why it is. Take Vitamin E for example; we’ve all heard of it but do we know what it actually provides.

One of the most obvious benefits of Vitamin E is the fact that it protects the skin and is thought to slow down the aging process as it contains antioxidants.

It is also thought to help delay or in some cases prevent the build-up of so called bad cholesterol which can block coronary arteries leading to atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

Perhaps more surprisingly there have been studies which have shown Vitamin E can have an effect upon Alzheimer’s. Studies have shown there to be a link between an increased intake of Vitamin E and a decrease in the risk of developing the disease as well as in the onset and development of symptoms. It has also been suggested that a high intake of Vitamin E reduces the risk of developing cataracts.

These are just a few of the possible benefits of taking Vitamin E and when you think this is just one of the many vitamins out there, it is no wonder that health organisations are pushing the world to eat healthily. keep an eye out for the latest deals on vitamin e from



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