Cheesecake is one of the most popular desserts of them all at the moment, and this is why there are a lot of people wondering about the history behind it. Although you may think that this is a relatively new recipe, you might be amazed by the long history that it has.

It is said that cheesecake comes from Ancient Greece. It is believed that it has been offered to the participants of the original Olympic Games in776 B. C. Nonetheless it is known that people have been making cheese since 2,000 B. C. Cheese molds have been found from that period. It is also said that the kind of cheesecake people were preparing then is very much alike the cheesecake that we know today.

Cream Cheese and CheesecakeIn the moment when the dessert got to the Romans, there was no way to stop it; it conquered the entire continent. A few centuries later the recipe also arrived to America, brought by the immigrants.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese has been invented by an American dairyman, William Lawrence in 1872. Actually the creation of the first cream cheese was an accident. The dairyman has been trying to create a kind of French cheese known as Neufchatel.

Starting with 1880, the new product has been distributed in wrappers made of foil and the company has become Empire Company.


The cheese that William Lawrence came up with was known back then under the brand Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese that is well-known even in our days. As it has been mentioned before, it was his company that has been producing this kind of cheese back then.

Later, in the year 1903 the company has been bought by another company, Phoenix Cheese Company, and in the same time, this company also bought the trademark. The company was purchased again in 1928 by Kraft Cheese Company, and this is the company that is producing this kind of cheese even in our days.

It was James Kraft that came up with the idea of the pasteurizing process in 1912. This is how the new kind of Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese came to life. At the moment this is the most popular ingredient of the well-known cheese cake.

When the product was distributed for the first time it has been labeled ‘Philadelphia quality’. Back then this referred to a higher quality, and it is interesting to know that it managed to stay on top in the last 130 even though new companies appeared that have been using the latest technology.

What is cream cheese?

Is cream cheese truly a kind of cheese? The truth is that cream cheese is a kind of cream that turned into a thicker substance, not being liquid anymore. This means that cream cheese isn’t whipped or cream in any way. It looks like we should rather call it a kind of spread.

There is a lot to know about cheesecake, and we have to admit that it has one of the most interesting stories of them all.



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