Feta is a traditional Greek cheese that used to be produced of sheep’s milk or from a blend of sheep’s and goat’s milk. The cheese that you can find in the supermarkets is actually made of cow’s milk and it is a kind of salty and crumbled cheese.


In order to make your own feta cheese you need a gallon of milk, a tablespoon of plain yogurt, half a tablet of rennet, one and a half cups of salt and a cooking thermometer.

Learn To Make FetaThe milk

Add the milk to a saucepan and place it on the fire. Also add the yogurt to the milk and stir until it is dissolved into the milk. Take the milk off the heat and let it cool for a couple of hours.


Get 3-4 tablespoons of cold water and dissolve the rennet in it. Once it is dissolved, add it to the milk. Then stir the milk for 5-6 minutes. Again let the mixture set for an hour or two.

After this time, the mixture should be curd enough to be cut using a knife. Grab a long knife to cut the mixture into dices. Then let them set for about 10 minutes.


Gently stir the curds. In case there are some pieces larger than a dice, you should cut them. Leave them half an hour to set, while stirring from time to time.


Remove the whey through draining it. This can be easily done if you pour the cheese through a colander that has cheesecloth or muslin in it. Secure the colander and allow the curds drain for a few more minutes.

Shape it

Put the curds into a container that comes with a tight lid so it will become about an inch thick. Place the container with the feta in the refrigerator and let it cool for about an hour and a half. Then take the container out of the fridge and slice it into cubes, of about an inch.


Prepare a brine of one and a half cups of salt in some warm water and cool it. Place the cheese dices in the salty water in the fridge for a longer period of time, of 6-30 days. The more you let the cheese soak, the more crumbly it will become.

When you want to use the cheese, you should remove it from the water and pat dry with the help of paper towels. You could take all the cheese out, and store it in the fridge after you have patted it dry.

For sure you know that you could try a lot of recipes using this kind of cheese. You might think that it is a lot easier to buy the cheese from the store, but for some reason the food that you prepare always tastes better, and you can be sure that there are no chemicals or artificial substances used when preparing the cheese. This way it becomes a lot healthier than the ones you can find in the stores.



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