For sure you have heard about molasses before, but it is possible that you never knew what that is or what it is used for. For starters, molasses is a dark colored, thick, honey like substance that is created during the processing of beet or cane sugar.

In numerous different countries it is used as a sweetener. English people enjoy it a lot, and they call it treacle. For a long period of time people thought that sulfur and molasses or brimstone and treacle have health benefits, and this is why it was popular to offer it to children.

MolassesOne of the effects that these have on the organism is to reduce appetite through causing constipation of bowel movement, but this is not a good use.

In case you like literature, you might have read about molasses in the book of Charles Dickens, Nicholas Nickelby.

In this case the students were given doses of molasses so that they will have a reduced appetite and thus they will eat less porridge.

During the Prohibition in the U. S. molasses also suffered a bit, because one of the main uses of the substance is in rum production.

In the moment when people hear about importing molasses they instantly think about organized crime and the bootlegging industry.

Nonetheless the uses of molasses of today are absolutely harmless. Usually the substance is used in baking. In the majority of the cases people cannot imagine preparing gingerbread without adding some molasses. Also there are some people who like to add it to hot cereals like cornmeal mush or wheat.

Another very important use of molasses is the creation of the well-known product for Thanksgiving: the pumpkin pie. It is interesting to know that in England treacle tart doesn’t have added molasses, but still it is used as a sweetener in the case of porridge. If you would like to prepare some homemade caramel, for sure you should have some molasses at hand.


Molasses is good from a nutritional point of view as well, because it comes with more nutrients than brown or white sugar. The process that extracts molasses ends in the fortification of iron, magnesium and calcium. In case you talk to people who are into healthy diets, for sure they will tell you that this is one of the healthy foods for the stomach.

Still there have been some people who were concerned by the sulfur levels, and this is why you can find sulfur-free molasses on the shelves of the stores.


When it comes to the energy that you get from molasses, this is about the same as in case of white sugar, of 16 calories per teaspoon. Nonetheless it is interesting to know that it has a lot less sucrose than white sugar. The substances that make molasses of include fructose and glucose.

As it has been mentioned, besides the iron levels, there is also some calcium, and this makes it more difficult for the body to absorb iron.



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