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How to Cook Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes and 5 Most Common Ways to Cook Them

Sweet potatoes have been brought by Columbus from his journey, originated from the island of Saint Thomas. There is a lot you can do to sweet potatoes, such as baking, boiling or microwaving. Anything you can do with a potato you can also do it with a sweet potato. 1. In their jackets You can […]


Panasonic Microwaves – What to Look for When Buying

A lot of people know about the Panasonic microwaves but brand isn’t the only factor that you should consider about them. Other factors include size, features, dishes, wattage and models. All this should be taken into consideration right in the store before you make a decision Size Before shopping you should think about how much […]

Perfect Bread

Seeds, Kneading and Love: What Makes the Perfect Bread?

Bread is known to be one of the foods that have been prepared in the early stages of human evolution, and it managed to stay the most popular food through all these years. There are numerous variations, including the baguette and the flat bread. Some of the people blame bread for gaining extra weight, but […]

Top Tea Brands

Top 8 Tea Brands: Drink the Best

If you go to a store for sure you will walk by aisles of teas, coming in different packaging. There are some brands that you know all about and there are also some that you have never heard about before. So, which one should you choose? 1. Tazo Tea This brand has become this popular […]

Home Made Canadian Bacon

Home Made Canadian Bacon: The Ultimate Winter Treat

In case you have tasted different kinds of bacons, for sure you know that the Canadian bacon has a special taste. If you would like to prepare some bacon at home and you have little or no experience regarding curing meat, this is a great place to start because it is relatively easy to prepare. […]