In case you have tasted different kinds of bacons, for sure you know that the Canadian bacon has a special taste. If you would like to prepare some bacon at home and you have little or no experience regarding curing meat, this is a great place to start because it is relatively easy to prepare.

It is true that curing meat at home sounds a bit tricky at first, but in case you can rub salt on meat or mix together a brine, then for sure you will be able to handle the task. The advantages of homemade bacon is that they taste better, they are healthier, not to mention that they come with less fat.

Home Made Canadian BaconYou have two main options when it comes to curing bacon: the dry method and the wet method. It is possible that the wet cure method is less complicated.

In this case all you have to do is to prepare a salty brine and add to it the meat for bacon. Keep the meat in the refrigerator for a few days.

On the other hand in case of the dry cure method you have to prepare a mixture of sugar, salt and other nutrients and rub with it the chunk of meat that later you will store in the fridge until it is totally cured. It is also needed to flip the meat from time to time.

Why is Canadian bacon different from all the others?

The main ingredient of the Canadian bacon is pork loin roast while the regular bacon is made of pork belly or slab. In case you would like to try something different, then you could be using pork tenderloin too. Traditionally the Canadian bacon is prepared using the wet curing method. The traditional bacon is prepared through using the dry curing method. Nonetheless the bacon that you find in stores is usually wet cured product.

Preparing Canadian bacon

You will need four liters of water, a cup of sugar, one and a half cups of salt, eight tablespoons of pink salt, and four lbs. of pork loin with the exterior fat removed from the surface.


Add the sugar, salt and pink salt to the water and heat it until they have dissolved. Take the brine off the heat and place it in the fridge until it cools completely. Then just add the meat to the brine and place something heavy on the top of the meat to make sure that it stays in the brine. Refrigerate everything for a couple of days. Then take the meat out and rinse it with water. All there is left for you to do is to cut the meat to thin slices and fry them.

This is the method to use in case you would like the meat to have a meaty taste. Naturally you could also make some experiments regarding different seasonings and other methods. For sure in the end you will have great tasting Canadian bacon that is healthy.



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