A lot of people know about the Panasonic microwaves but brand isn’t the only factor that you should consider about them. Other factors include size, features, dishes, wattage and models.

All this should be taken into consideration right in the store before you make a decision


Panasonic_NN-CT579SBPQBefore shopping you should think about how much space you have in the kitchen and how much of it you are willing to sacrifice for the microwave.  Also consider how you will use the appliance. If you have a large family you should choose a large microwave that can handle big dishes. If you don’t want to put in it large dishes, there are the smaller versions that could be more suitable for you.


In our days there are some features that all the microwaves should have. These include automatic defrost and settings that are already programmed to heat different kinds of foods. Another option that you might like is the sensor that calculates the amount of time needed to cook meat based on the steams that the food emits.


You have to make sure before buying a product that the dishes you use the most often fit on the turntable. If it isn’t able to turn look for the option that makes it possible to shut the turning off so that you will have stationary cooking.



To make sure that it will be easy to use the microwave it should come with large buttons and icons.

Also it is a good idea to open and close the door several times in the store to see whether you like the way it works.


If you choose a 1,000 watt microwave you can be sure that it will cook efficiently and fast. The microwaves that have 700 watts or less need more cooking time and it is possible that they don’t cook evenly.

Generally speaking, the higher the wattage, the less cooking time the microwave needs.


If you want to get a product for your family, think about those that come with easy to understand preprogrammed options. This way the simple foods will be easy to prepare.

How often to replace the product?

The life span of microwaves is of about 10 years. However if it is still working, you can use it for as long as it works. When looking for new microwaves, a lot of people buy microwaves at Argos.



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