Bread is known to be one of the foods that have been prepared in the early stages of human evolution, and it managed to stay the most popular food through all these years. There are numerous variations, including the baguette and the flat bread. Some of the people blame bread for gaining extra weight, but nobody said that you have to eat and entire bread at a single meal.

Let’s face it: there is nothing like the smell of fresh bread, coming from the oven. Nowadays a lot of people using bread making machines, but you should know that you could also be using the more traditional methods.

Perfect BreadKneading or not kneading

In case you don’t really have a lot of time for preparing bread, then you should opt for a quick bread. Although you might have never thought about this before, such examples include muffins, doughnuts, popovers and biscuits.

In the majority of the cases there is no need to use yeast in their case, and from mixing you can move straight on to the baking process. There are some different agents acting in this case, such as baking soda or baking powder.


There are two different forms that yeast comes in: fresh and dry. Don’t forget that this is a living organism, and so it has some requirements. You have to be even more careful in case you open the package and the yeast becomes exposed to air.

Dry yeast

Even in this case there are two kinds of dry yeasts: instant dry and active dry. Usually you can find these kinds of yeast in premeasured packages, but it is also possible to find them in jars. This kind of yeast is usually used in case of breads that are fast rising, or if you are using a machine to prepare the bread.

If you don’t open the package, you can store it almost forever or until it expires, in case you store it is a cold and dark place. After you open the package, you would better store it in the fridge, and in this case you can store it for maximum three months. Also you have the option to store it in the freezer.

Fresh yeast

Fresh yeast is also known as active yeast. Usually this is used by the professional bakers, and you can find it in stores in the form of compressed bars. In case you don’t open the package, you can store the yeast for about two months and don’t forget to put it in the fridge. Keep in mind not to put it in the freezer.

Is it still good?

In case you aren’t sure whether the yeast you have is still good, you should test it. Mix some yeast with warm water and sugar. In case you get foam in a few minutes, it means that the organisms are still alive, and you can use the yeast.

There is a lot to know regarding baking bread and the ingredients used.



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