You might already know that the OssoBucco is a traditional dish from Milan. Normally it is supposed to be served with risotto. Although the ingredients of the dish are simple, the flavors can be intense due to the gremolada. This is a mixture of garlic, parsley and lemon zest. The dish’s gloss is given by the bone marrow.



The ingredients of the dish are for four persons and they include four pieces of veal OssoBucco steaks, a finely chopped onion, 50 g of butter, 50 g of flour, half a glass of white wine, one liter of beef stock, salt, and pepper. For the gremolada you will need a clove of finely chopped garlic, the zest of one lemon, and a tablespoon of finely chopped parsley.

Get it started

First you have to put the onion and the butter in a pan and allow it to cook until the onion gets transparent. While the onion is baking you should cut up the steaks. Make sure that the outer membrane is on the steaks so that it won’t curl. Then coat the steaks with flour.

Add the steaks to the onion and allow it to get brown on both sides. Add the wine to the pan and get rid of the alcohol by turning the flame up. Add some beef stock to the mixture as well. Lower the flame and cover the pan, leaving a hole for the steam to be able to escape.

You should cook the dish for at least 1.5 hours for the meat to become tender. It is possible that you will have to add some more beef stock and you might have to turn the steaks over from time to time. It is important to make sure that the steaks don’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

The gremolada

When you are preparing the gremolada you have to finely chop the garlic and the parsley and grate the lemon’s zest. Mix the ingredients and sprinkle the top of the steaks a couple of minutes before you put the flame out. Add some salt and pepper in the end according to your taste.

To achieve the perfect dish you should serve the OssoBucco with some Risotto alla Milanese. If you don’t have this, you could also add some mashed potatoes or polenta. Make sure that the food looks good on the plate.



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