The Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines of the world. This is because the dishes are delicious and they have a special taste to them that makes them more exotic. The dishes are important for the culture of China and they are known for aroma, color and taste. Following are the 10 dishes you would love to try:

1. Sweet and sour pork
Sweet and sour pork

This dish has a bright orange color and just as the name suggests it has a sour and sweet taste. While traditionally the dish is made of pork, these days it is also made of chicken and other meats.

2. Gong Bao chicken
Gong Bao chicken

This is a Sichuan-style specialty. The main ingredients include dried chili, diced chicken, and fried peanuts. In the Western countries the chicken is covered by cornstarch. In the same time there is sour and sweet sauce added, along with vegetables.

3. Ma Po Tofu
Ma Po Tofu

This is one of the most popular dishes of the Chuan Cuisine. Ma refers to a hot and spicy taste that is given by pepper powder. This is a popular spice of the cuisine. There is brownish red beef added to the milky tofu.

4. Wontons


It is a tradition for Chinese people to eat wontons on the winter solstice. Usually the wonton has a simple triangle shape that is something like the Italian tortellini. These are usually boiled and served in soup.

5. Dumplings


In the majority of the cases the dish is made of minced meat and vegetables that are wrapped in a thin layer of dough. The most popular fillings include pork, fish, shrimp, chicken, vegetables and beef.

6. Spring rolls

Spring rolls

Just as the name suggests, the rolls have a cylindrical shape. The filling can consist of meat or vegetables and the taste can be savory or sweet. The filling is wrapped in spring roll wrappers and then they are fried.

7. Chow Mein

Chow Mein

The name of this dish means stir fried noodles. This dish consists of noodles, onions, meat and celery. To prepare the dish there is need to boil the noodles in water for a while. Then they have to be stir-fried.

8. Peking duck

Peking duck

This dish is most well-known for the thin and crispy skin of the duck. Slices of the duck are often served with pancakes, soy or sweet bean sauce.

9. Szechuan chicken

Szechuan chicken

This is also a spicy dish prepared with vegetables and green onions.

10. Mushu Pork

Mushu Pork

This dish consists of pork meat wrapped in thin pancakes and served with scallions and sweet Hoisin sauce.



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