Although you might think that serving wine isn’t such a big deal, you should know that the true professionals have come up with a number of rules. These are meant to enhance the experience of drinking wine and to make the best of wine itself.

Wine Serving Etiquette


Wine serving etiquette isn’t just a sign of your good manners, but this way you will also be able to match the right wine to the dishes. It is also important to consider the temperature of wine, not to mention the importance of the glasses that you are serving wine in. This way guests will enjoy their glass of wine the most.

Size matters

There are several different kinds of wine glasses that vary in size. If you are serving red wine, you should serve it at 57-64 degrees Fahrenheit and serve it in a glass with a wider bowl. White wine should be served at 50-54 degrees Fahrenheit and the glass should be a bit narrower.

In case you happen to serve sparkling wine, you should opt for a champagne flute and serve it at 50-54 degrees Fahrenheit. A sherry glass is needed for sherry, port or other heavy, aroma-rich wines. The serving temperatures slightly vary, but it is best to serve wine at room temperature.


If you serve red wine in a glass with a wide bowl, the wine will have the chance to breathe. The aroma has to be oxygenized for the best experience with pinot noir or cabernet. When you serve white wine in a narrow glass, the wine will remain cool for a longer period of time.

The same concept applies to the sparkling wine served in champagne glasses. A sherry glass used when serving the heavy wines makes it possible for the aroma to develop.


It is a common misconception that matching the wine to the foods should be left to the experts. The key is not to match heavy wines with dishes that have a subtle taste. This is because the wine can overpower the taste of the food and you won’t be able to enjoy the aromas.

In the majority of the cases white wine needs to be served with fish dishes. On the other hand, red wine is served with the meat dishes. However the guidelines are quite blurry in some cases. If you aren’t sure what wine to choose, you should check the recommendations of professionals.



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