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The Pepper Family

The Pepper Family – From Crispy Delicious to Inspiring Hot

The beloved peppers, extremely familiar in international cuisine, are famous for the fact that they are rich in vitamins C and A, and in the same time very low in calories. They have as origin the Central America and like tomatoes they are biologically fruits used as vegetables inside a large variety of dishes. The […]

Lemon ice cream with blueberry swirl

Top Icecream Cakes You Should Consider Making

Ice cream is great on its own, but it gets even better if it is added to a cake. There are a lot of different ice cream cakes that you might prepare and you could also come up with your own recipes, using all the flavors that you like. Lemon ice cream with blueberry swirl […]

Cheese straws

5 Garden Party Treats vs. 5 Garden Party Drinks

When you have to prepare for a garden party, you probable are thinking about what to serve. Although you might not be a master chef, you still might come up with some creative ideas like the ones given below for food and drinks. 5 Garden Party Treats 1. Cheese straws It is true that these […]

Eating Seasonal Foods

Eating Seasonal Foods

As we enter the festive season, hunting for perfect party dresses online and looking for tips to get trim and toned in time for a festive do become increasingly popular. Instead of seeking out a complex, unrealistic crash diet in an attempt to shift a few pounds why not start to eat healthily in one […]


Home Made Cookies for Back to School Days

Although some of the people need a reason to have some cookies, others don’t need a reason to have some freshly baked ones at hand at all times. If you are one of the people who prefer to stay away from the store-bought cookies and dough, it is a must for you to know how […]

Savory Rabbit Dish

How to Cook the Most Savory Rabbit Dish

Believe it or not, rabbits are like pork or lamb carcasses, even if they don’t look that way at the first glance. The rabbit meat consists of two smaller front legs, a loin, a neck and two back legs. The good news is that there is shank on the legs so you can cook all […]