The beloved peppers, extremely familiar in international cuisine, are famous for the fact that they are rich in vitamins C and A, and in the same time very low in calories.

The Pepper Family

They have as origin the Central America and like tomatoes they are biologically fruits used as vegetables inside a large variety of dishes.

The peppers are famous for their presence in salads, in pizza toppings, as part of the pickle world but also as a healthy choice on the barbecue list.

Interesting tips to get quality peppers

When buying peppers, there are a few things that you must be aware of so you will always have the advantage to enjoy them fresh and delicious.

  • The peppers must be firm and shinny
  • If they are heavy it means they are fresh rather than well preserved in chilled atmosphere
  • Vivid green peppers stems indicate the level of freshness
  • The peppers you find in the supermarket are usually picked before they are ripe and stored in a chilled environment
  • If you store the peppers individually packed in plastic foil, inside the vegetable tray of the fridge they can keep up to 2 weeks

The stars of pepper family

Bell peppers are maybe the most famous members of the family. They are universally liked because of their thick, tasty and juicy flesh. The sweetest types are yellow and orange while the ones with a slightly spicier taste are red and green. These are the most common peppers and you can find them in salads or pizza.

Mirasol peppers are known for their fruity taste and thin skin. Together with Piquillo these

peppers are ideal for barbecue and roasting but also for canning in the view of future stuffing.

Hungarian Pimento is extremely famous as a pickle. Hard, juicy wall, crispy skin and persistent flavor makes it perfect for snacks in combination with olives.

The hot side

Hot peppers have been part of the Spanish, and Mexican cuisine from the ancient times. The Oriental cuisine prides with recipes that make the most of their hotness. Rich in capsaicin they are considered both calorie burners and delicious spice.

The hotness of these peppers is evaluated with the Scoville scale which measures them from 0 to 16.000.000 units of pure capsaicin.

In Central America the hot peppers are called chili, while in Europe they are called pepperoni.  The most famous types of hot peppers are Cayenne, Jalapeno, AjiRojo, Thai and Hot Cherry.



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