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How to Avoid too Much Fat in Your Diet

A healthy diet does not necessarily equate to weight loss. If you have been following a strenuous exercise regime, supplemented with a fat binder and a limited intake of calories, and have seen results, then you may be understandably encouraged to continue this behaviour. But the benefits of a healthy diet are much longer lived […]

Butternut coconut curry

Top 10 Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

Although you might think that there are only a few recipes that are suitable for vegetarian people, but the top 10 vegetarian slow cooker recipes might just prove you wrong. 1. Butternut coconut curry This special kind of dish also involves using cinnamon and a bit of ginger along with jasmine or basmati rice. 2. […]

Taco salad

Easy to Make Salads at Home for a Fuss Free Lunch or Dinner

Since we have such busy lives, it is just natural that people are looking for easy to make salads at home so that they will be able to save some time and to have a healthy meal. Although you might think that all salads take a lot of time to prepare, there are some that […]


Top 10 Most Popular American Dishes

Let’s face it: America isn’t the most well-known place when it comes to cuisine, but there are some dishes that everybody should try. If you are looking for the top 10 most popular American dishes for sure you will find some that you have never tried. 10. Burgers Although this dish comes from Hamburg, which […]

Lindt passion brownies

Easy to Make Chocolate Desserts

There are a lot of chocoholics in the world who are all looking for easy to make chocolate desserts. The good news is that chocolate is really versatile and there are a lot of desserts that you can prepare with it. Lindt passion brownies This dessert is really special because it is made of the […]