Whether you are planning to start your own restaurant or involved in setting up one for your client, refrigeration would be a big budget equipment to focus on. Commercial refrigeration is an indispensible part of any commercial kitchen. Commercial refrigeration includes large-sized refrigerators and freezers that are used to store perishable food and beverages to retain their freshness for long.

Owing to the rise of the hospitality business in UK there are a number of dealers who deal in commercial refrigeration products. One of the best we came across is FridgeFreezerDirect. They deal in a wide range of refrigeration and freezer solutions for commercial applications. From general cooling cabinets to high end specialized ones, you can find every equipment and brand under one roof.

Why FridgeFreezerDirect

When you choose FridgeFreezerDirect you choose trust.  FridgeFreezerDirect ensures delivery of orders right on time. They have a special advice centre and commercial refrigeration engineers centre available round the clock to assist you in case of any queries or technical complaints.

Their website spells out the exact terms and conditions, thus making your decision easy. You can track your delivery and service queries through their dedicated customer care. What is more, they also have commercial leasing facility for all equipment along with a service contract throughout the duration of the lease.

Commercial Refrigeration

How to Order from FridgeFreezerDirect

Depending on your cooling requirements FridgeFreezerDirect can advice you and you choose the one that meets your budget and quality specifications.Here is how you can order your commercial refrigeration equipment from FridgeFreezerDirect:

1. Visit the FridgeFreezerDirect website and browse through their categories list. Select one or more equipments that meet your specifications. Details of the products, brand, pricing and availability is displayed on the page.

2. Alternately, you could choose the brand and then see if your equipment is listed under it. You will find the equipments available under that brand along with the price details.

3. After going through this list you can zero-in on the product that you want to order by hitting the MORE INFO button. It gives an exhaustive list of features and warranty details of the product.

4. You have the option of ordering the equipment online or by phone; delivery details can be picked up from their online portal or customer care, respectively.

5. For more information on placing orders, making payments and deliveries visit the FridgeFreezerDirect website.



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