Once you are done with baking the cookies, you might be looking for tips for decorating sugar Christmas cookies. There are a lot of different ways to try and you could opt for one of them or try them all so your cookies will all have different looks, bringing color into the holidays.

Tips for Decorating Sugar Christmas Cookies


For this method you will have to place the cookies on a wire rack or wax paper. Prepare some melted chocolate and make sure that it is smooth enough. Then simply take a spoon and drizzle the glaze over the cookies. It is best if the drizzling is even. Let the cookies dry before handling them.


In case of this tip for the sugar Christmas cookies decoration you will have to apply glaze on the cookies as a base color. Then choose a contrasting color and add some royal icing. This method is most suitable for the people who have a bit of talent with drawing.


When using this one of the tips for decorating sugar Christmas cookies, you will have to prepare smooth buttercream frosting. Get a bag and cut off its corner. Add the frosting to it and draw your design on the cookie. Once you are done you should add some colored sugar to it before the frosting hardens.

Dipping in chocolate

The simplest one of the ideas for decoration of the Christmas cookies is to dip them in chocolate. Dip the cookies into the glaze halfway and allow the excess to drip off. Then place the cookies on a wire rack and allow them to harden before handling them.


To start with this one of the tips for decorating sugar Christmas cookies you should apply buttercream frosting first. Then place the stencil on the cookies and add some colored sugar. In the end carefully remove the stencil and make sure that you don’t ruin the design.


For this Christmas sugar cookies’ decoration ideas you will have to start with adding buttercream. For each color that you want, mix glaze with water and food coloring. Dip wax paper into the coloring and press it into the cookies. Repeat until you get the design that you wanted.

Make sure that you try all the tips for decorating sugar Christmas cookies that tempt you this year and have a lot of fun with them.


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