With the multitude of health issues present in the world today, the right nutrition becomes the most common tool to fight them. This is why a lot of people are researching the health benefits of eating natural foods.

Health Benefits of Eating Natural Foods

It is good to know that natural equals organic and because the organic “trend” is becoming more and more popular every day, you should find out all about reasons to choose natural foods.

Chemical free

Everybody knows that commercial farming is using a lot of pesticides and synthetic chemicals both for growing plants and raising livestock. Huge amounts of chemicals are used to speed the growth and faster ripening of plants.

When evaluating the health benefits of eating natural, you should know that a large number of pesticides are present in the majority of fruits and vegetables you buy at the supermarket. This is why eating healthy involves choosing foods grown the natural way, in the absence of chemicals respecting the natural growth process which ensures that you will not ingest harmful chemicals that will jeopardize your health.

Quality nutrients

Naturally grown fruits and vegetables are higher in nutrient content than those coming from commercial farming. In fact the nutrient content from natural foods consumed is 30% higher.

There are other factors that influence the nutrient quality of the natural foods. These are soil depletion and farming methods which are major players in food growth.

Choosing healthy natural foods for their benefits includes going for fair trade products along with choosing the organic foods.

Avoiding disease carriers

When evaluating the health benefits of eating natural foods, you should know that commercial farms treat their livestock with growth stimulants and antibiotics. This makes them more prone to contacting various diseases that can be transmitted to the end consumer.

Commercial farming cannot avoid the contamination of fruit and vegetables with harmful viruses and bacteria like E-coli and salmonella. Consuming natural foods for health benefits will ensure you are avoiding these disease inducing factors.

No genetic modification and additional flavorings

The benefits of consuming natural foods include not coming in contact with genetically modified vegetal and animal components. The genetic manipulations of plants and animals are meant to increase the growth process and production. However, consuming such genetically modified food can cause severe diseases like cancer in human beings.

Another one of the health benefits of eating natural foods is the fact that this way additional preservatives, coloring and taste enhancers, all health damaging, are avoided from the everyday diet.


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