We all like a savory chicken dish but is it hard to get the perfect texture of the chicken meat? When researching tips for cooking tender chicken, you have to keep in mind that the tender texture we so appreciate can be easily obtained if we follow a few simple cooking rules.

Tips for Cooking Tender Chicken

The right meat temperature

When getting ready to cook chicken meat make sure it has come to the room temperature. If the meat is too cold the frying process will make it become dry. On the other hand, if the meat is at room temperature, it will lose far less juice while cooking and will maintain its tenderness.

The marinating process is also better done at room temperature because it takes only 45 minutes to properly marinate the meat while if you choose to marinate it in the fridge the process can take up to 3 hours.

Cut the meat the right way

One of the best tips to ensure tenderness of the chicken meat involves cutting the meat properly. For this you should use a sharp knife and cut the meat to the grain so the fibers will be shorter and the meat will remain tender because it will cook faster.

The importance of fat content

If you are interested in knowing the best tips for cooking tender chicken keep in mind that the fatter the meat, the juicier will be the result. This happens because while cooking, the fat melts and does not allow the meat cuts to dry. It helps to know that the meat from the chicken breast is the driest.

Cooking time is different for different chicken parts

When cooking chicken, the meat from the breast and wings is done faster whether you fry it, boil it or roast it. On the other hand, the meat from the thighs and legs takes longer to cook. Knowing how long to cook the meat is one of the most important tips for preparing a tender chicken meal.

Using the right pan

A useful tip to cook tender chicken is to use the right pan. When frying, a thick heavy pan will help the heat to transfer evenly and will provide the best frying temperature for the meat. Also, make sure the pan is already hot before you add the chicken.

Rest before serving

As the last of the tips for cooking tender chicken, make sure you let the meat rest for a while before serving. This way you will allow the juices to spread and this will enhance the tenderness of the meat.

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