Apart from Eiffel Tower and Louvre, the French cuisine is probably the most famous thing this country is known for. The top 10 traditional French foods can be found in most of the French restaurants all over the world but the truth is that you can truly enjoy them at their most only in France.

1. Ratatouille


The most famous combination of vegetables in the world, this popular stew is usually served as a side dish or as a filling for crepes or other pastry. It is mainly made up of a combination of carrots, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, onions, garlic, herbs and seasoning, all steamed in a pan with very little fat.

2. Croissant


What is more famous than a French croissant with coffee in the morning? The answer is nothing. When considering this famous traditional French food, you should keep in mind that the real French croissants are made from buttery puff pastry and the recipe is quite an elaborate one.

3. Bouillabaisse


This one of the top 10 French foods is actually a savant stew made from fish and vegetables. The fish is served on the side along with rouille sauce and toast.

4. Pain au chocolate

Pain au chocolate

If you are a fan of croissants, you will surely like this French traditional food. The same puff pastry is filled with delicious chocolate and baked in the oven. It is usually served hot with coffee or tea.

5. Café au lait

Café au lait

If you think this famous French food is your regular latte, think again. This is actually the best combination of espresso and steamed milk foam that you can only have in France.

6. Gaufres


If you like Belgian waffles, then you should definitely try the French gaufres. The delicate airy structure is served with chocolate topping and it is probably one of the most delicious desserts in the world.

7. Boeuf bourguignon

Boeuf bourguignon

The …oh so famous…top French traditional dish that Julia Child made popular in US is certainly served at its best only in France. This is a beef stew made of meat, beef broth, garlic, seasoning and red wine.

8. Nicoise salad

Nicoise salad

One of the most famous salads served in the world actually originated in France. This French traditional is a combination of lettuce, boiled eggs, tomatoes, tuna, anchovies and Nicoise olives.

9. Tatin tart

Tatin tart

This is a famous French tart made with apples steamed in butter, topped with pastry and baked in the oven. It is served upside down with cream or vanilla ice-cream.

10. French FromageFrench Fromage

This is certainly the most famous of the top 10 traditional French foods. The French pride themselves with hundreds of assortments of cheese, one more delicious than the other, so make sure you try all of them when visiting France.

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