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Carpaccio, tartar or sushi

Easy Salmon Cooking Tips

Because of its delicate structure, fish can be a bit tricky to cook since overcooking or undercooking can pretty much destroy the lovely taste it should have. Salmon is part of what the current trends call a healthy diet so a lot of people are interested in easy salmon cooking tips. Steaming If you are […]

Sausage soup Italian style

Easy to Cook Soups Recipes

Many people think that cooking is quite a challenging activity so there is no wonder that they are looking for easy to cook soups recipes. A good hearty soup is something everybody enjoys especially when they feel the need for something hot and delicious to refresh their strength. Peanut butter and rice noodles For this […]


Good Healthy Foods to Eat for Dinner

Dinner is one of the few moments a busy person affords to relax and enjoy a meal. However, because all dieticians teach us to make dinner a light and healthy meal, it comes as no surprise that a lot of people are researching good healthy foods to eat for dinner. Stir fry dishes If you […]

Top 10 Healthy Cooking Oils

Top 10 Healthy Cooking Oils

Cooking healthy is certainly something a lot of people have in mind so looking for the top 10 healthy cooking oils is very important. 1. Grapeseed Oil Grapeseed oil has a refined nutty taste which makes it perfect for salads but also for grilling. Its smoke point reaches 420 degrees F and it is perfect […]