Cooking healthy is certainly something a lot of people have in mind so looking for the top 10 healthy cooking oils is very important.

Top 10 Healthy Cooking Oils

1. Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil has a refined nutty taste which makes it perfect for salads but also for grilling. Its smoke point reaches 420 degrees F and it is perfect for cooking virtually anything.

2. Sunflower Oil

When looking for top ten cooking oils for your health you should keep in mind sunflower oil in case you want to fry something. Its smoke point is 460 degrees F and it cooks wonderfully vegetables you normally use for casseroles.

3. Safflower Oil

This oil is known for its ability to reduce bad cholesterol and with it the risk of cardiovascular disease. Its smoke point is 450 degrees F.

4. Avocado Oil

High in vitamin E and monounsaturated fats this is the perfect oil for people with diabetes or for those who are on a diet. Cooks appreciate this oil because it can enhance the flavor of meat while cooking. It has the smoke point at 510 degrees which makes it perfect for frying, too.

5. Peanut Oil

This is certainly one of the top 10 oils for healthy eating you know from Thai and Asian cuisine. It is a delicious oil used for sautéing and frying but also for delicious Asian sauces and salads. It has a lower smoke point of only 250 degrees F.

6. Almond oil

Almonds are famous for their healthy food reputation so there’s no wonder almond oil is among the top oils used for healthy cooking. It has a high smoke point of 495 degrees F so it is ideal for cooking at high temperature but it is also good for desserts.

7. Olive Oil

This is perhaps the most famous oil from the top 10 healthy cooking oils. This oil is part of Mediterranean cuisine and it is perfect for salad dressing and pesto. Its smoke point is at 350 degrees F.

8. Flaxseed Oil

This one of the top 10 cooking oils for being healthy is known for its high content of omega 3 and polyunsaturated fats. Its low smoke point of 225 degrees F makes it unsuitable for frying. Still this is the perfect oil for salsa and salad dressing.

9. Walnut Oil

Known for its slightly bitter taste but perfect nutty flavor the walnut oil is ideal for baking and giving a touch of elegance to any salad. Its smoke point is high at 400 degrees F.

10. Canola oil

Being no.1 among the top 10 healthy cooking oils, the canola oil is famous for its content of monounsaturated fats we need for a healthy heart. It is perfect for sautéing, frying, salad dressing and also baking. Its smoke point is 425 degrees F.



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