There is no doubt that the dessert is a hit among children of all ages. Ask them what their favorite food are and for sure, they will mention sweet goodies such as ice cream sundaes, chocolate cake, apple pie, and chocolate crinkles, among others.

Parents should be extra careful though not to overindulge their young ones with the mentioned food items because it can lead to health hazards in the long run. However, there are always healthy dessert recipes for parents who want to satisfy the sweet tooth of their young ones compromising their overall health.

apple pie

If you are a parent yourself, bear in mind that there are so many things that you can do so that your child or children can stay healthy while eating the sweet stuff that they want.

For ages, we have been told that we need to stay away from sugar to maintain overall well being. The good news is you can modify conventional recipes and replace the unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones. Therefore, simply replace white refined sugar with natural sweetening products such as honey, raw sugar, coconut sugar, stevia, muscovado, and agave extract, among others.

Other healthy alternatives include using high-fiber wheat flour instead of conventional flour, including dried or fresh fruits, vegetables (carrots, yams, beetroot), and nuts into dessert recipes. You can even sneak in some Chia seeds or flaxseeds to boost the body’s omega 3 levels!

Bear in mind that presentation is the key, especially since children like to eat something that is appealing to their eyes. You can sprinkle a dash of candy crinkles on carrot cakes or cut oatmeal cookies into fun shapes so that they can more appetizing.

All in all, children can enjoy all the sweets that they want, given that they are made from healthy ingredients. Not only are they healthy, they are practical as well!

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