A spice is a type of a dried seed or a kind of a vegetative product which is added in various foods to add a flavor to them.  A spice, as the name suggests helps in making food spicy. The earliest known spices are cinnamon and pepper which were traded in the Middle East and South Asia in 2000 BCE. India grabs the top most position in the list as far as the production of spices is concerned.

Some other countries which come at the top of the list of producing spices are Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan and Turkey. Unlike common belief, spicy foods have many health benefits as well. Some of these health benefits include speeding up weight loss, improving heart health, lowering blood pressure, improving digestion and even preventing cancer.

These days, a number of spices are being used to add a certain spicy flavor to food items and due to this, some foods have turned out to be very hot! The spiciest food on the planet is Sambal Oelek which is found in Indonesia. Vindaloo is another really spicy food which originates in India. Some other best spicy foods are Wot, Chicken Jerk, Suicide chicken wings, Radish with Sichuan pepper and Tom Yum.

World’s Top 10 Best Spicy Foods

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