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Tricks to Have a Healthy Lunch

4 Simple Tricks to Have a Healthy Lunch While Eating Out

Most of us love to eat out and wish that the extra calories in the sumptuous food do not accumulate in our body. It’s a wish that is hardly ever fulfilled. With work pressure and stress, you often enjoy some time out during lunch and grab the opportunity to have lunch at popular food joints […]

Simpl Zebra Decoration to Make your Cupcakes

Simple Zebra Decoration to Make your Cupcakes Interesting

Cupcakes are always loved by people in a party. They are delicious, small, easy to eat without the troubles of using cutlery to eat. Sometimes interesting decoration on the little pieces of sweetness adds an extra element of fun to the whole affair. Now creating a figurine on top of your cupcake may become quite […]

healthy eating when eating out

Smart 7 Ways of Eating out with Health in Mind

Eating out is often a fun thing to do with friends; or a quiet time eating out with a special someone. No one wants to have all three meals a day at home or within the confines of one’s office. Grabbing food on the go can also break the routine monotony of regular home food. […]

Modeling Chocolates on Cakes

Modeling Chocolates on Cakes – Why & How

If you are a cake lover then you’ll definitely know what a modeling chocolate is. And you’ll love it! It’s that covering on top of a cake that makes it look all the more beautiful, like fondant, but unlike it, this actually tastes better. There are various things you can do with these chocolate chips […]

Topics to Discuss at Dinner Table

Top 3 Topics to Discuss at Dinner Table

The dinner table is one of the best places where you get together with your family and have a little heart to heart connection with them. Getting to know what your kids have been up to the past few days, how their studies are getting along, how is your spouse keeping up with their work […]