If you are a cake lover then you’ll definitely know what a modeling chocolate is. And you’ll love it! It’s that covering on top of a cake that makes it look all the more beautiful, like fondant, but unlike it, this actually tastes better. There are various things you can do with these chocolate chips and candy melt made goodies that will make your cake 100 % more presentable.

Modeling Chocolates on Cakes


You can begin with just forming a layer on top of your cake, to creating small edible decorations, like bows and ruffles and flowers. However, you can include these only when you have mastered the technique of using the chocolates. This article helps you with the basics of rolling out a modeling chocolate to decorate your cake. Let’s begin!

  • Firstly, you would need a well sculpted cake that needs to be crumb coated and chilled. With that, you would need either powdered sugar or corn starch, whichever you want. Accompanying these are your rolling pin, fondant smoother, a paring knife and a table mat. Last but not the least, of course is your modeling chocolate (preferably a little more than what is required to cover the cake, if this is your first time.)
  • For precautionary methods, dust the base of the cake with powdered sugar as it prevents the modeling chocolate from sticking to the counter or mat after laying it over the cake.
  • Now, begin rolling out the modeling chocolate to where it is soft but still firm. Always keep in mind that the chocolate should never be too warm and your hands oily. If so, then stop immediately! You need to cool it for some time as it is possible that you might have warmed it a little too much.
  • Roll it out until it’s about 1/8 inches thick, picking it up after every few strokes, so it doesn’t stick to the mat. This is very important as no surface is non stick while dealing with modeling chocolate.
  • Now, pick up the rolled chocolate gently and place it over your cake, first over the top. Start by patting it gently to make it stick. Then move your hands down gently, all the time moving your hands with the curve of the cake.
  • Remember that unlike fondant, chocolate does not stretch, so if one side of your cake does not have enough fondant, do not pull it. It will seamlessly break. After you have covered the entire cake with it, cut off the excess chocolate. Finally, smooth them out with a fondant smoother.


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