Most of us love to eat out and wish that the extra calories in the sumptuous food do not accumulate in our body. It’s a wish that is hardly ever fulfilled. With work pressure and stress, you often enjoy some time out during lunch and grab the opportunity to have lunch at popular food joints around offices.

Tricks to Have a Healthy Lunch

But with the pleasure of eating lunch at the favorite restaurant or cafe, comes the guilt of piling up calories. However, there is good news in that front. Just make slight changes to the lunch options available and enjoy an absolutely guilt free healthy lunch outside. Here are some tips to modify the calorie laden meals into a healthy lunch.

1. A good old hamburger is a filling option for that quick bite in between stressful meetings at office. To make it healthy, order a hamburger with roasted beef instead of the regular beef patty. The large amount of fat in beef patty will be warded off with this little change that is equally tasty, but way healthier.

2. Whole wheat and multigrain club sandwiches can be the best lunch options when eating out. They are nutritious, full of fibre, low on calories, and extremely filling. Now you may question their taste quotient. We have a solution for that too. Team it up with lots of fresh filling like tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber. Also add chicken salami or lean pork meat to keep the taste high and the calories low.

3. Try to gorge on some light appetizers before ordering the main course. Most pizza joints will have healthy appetizers like chicken salad, or chicken wontons lightly seasoned with herb and served with a light sauce. More often than not, you will be full enough to avoid ordering a heavy pizza later. And even if you do, the size will be small as the hunger would be reduced. So you will save on calories and yet have a hearty lunch.

4. After a decent lunch it’s time to indulge in something sweet. This is the time when you pay the check and walk a block down to respond to your sweet cravings. Frozen yoghurt selling ice cream shops have mushroomed in the cities. Go to one such place and order. Top it up with nutritious dry fruits or fresh fruits. The walk and the fewer calories dessert will help you feel light.

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