Eating out is often a fun thing to do with friends; or a quiet time eating out with a special someone. No one wants to have all three meals a day at home or within the confines of one’s office. Grabbing food on the go can also break the routine monotony of regular home food.

healthy eating when eating out


Many have their favorite joints and some like to explore new places to eat out. Whatever be your reason to eat out, you should always keep your health in mind. Mindless gorging on unhealthy calorie laden meals can prove harmful for your health. But that does not mean that you have to forego your happy times eating out.

All you have to do is make some adjustments to your order and aim for tasty and healthy stuff. Confused about how you can achieve this balance? Here are some tips to help you eat healthy when you are eating out.

1. As you are bombarded with choice of beverage, avoid fizzy drinks high on calories. Instead opt for plain water or green tea. If you want something warm, ask for unsweetened tea. For something cool, opt for iced tea with no added sugar. Ask for a sugar bowl and add according to your taste, if necessary.

2. Moving on to the entree, opt for fresh salads. It can have cold cuts like chicken or pork salami. These are lean meat and would not contribute to your fat or calories. Crunchy vegetables in salads with fill you, and add the same time the fiber in them with help in digestion. With appropriate dressing, salads are great to ward off the calories.

3. When ordering the main course, ask the waiter to make slight changes to the dishes. If your dish contains fried chicken, substitute it with baked or grilled chicken. Avoid cheesy pasta and opt for something healthier to go with the pasta like tomato sauce and olives.

4. If dining with one other person, always order small portions for all the courses. This will prevent wastage of food and at the same time control the calorie intake.

5. If it’s a lunch eat out, avoid oily and fatty food. These tend to make you sleepy and you won’t be able to concentrate on work later in the day.

6. For lunch opt for whole grain sandwiches with low calorie filling like crunchy vegetables and lightly cooked chicken. Smoked ham and grilled beef sandwiches are also good options.

7. Always go to some other place for dessert. Walk to the place, and order yoghurt based dessert. The walk will help digest the food, and frozen yoghurt is a great alternative to fat laden ice creams.

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