Cupcakes are always loved by people in a party. They are delicious, small, easy to eat without the troubles of using cutlery to eat. Sometimes interesting decoration on the little pieces of sweetness adds an extra element of fun to the whole affair. Now creating a figurine on top of your cupcake may become quite hectic for a simple get together or when there is lot more to be done for a party. But no worries; here is a simple zebra decoration that you can try and give a wild touch to your delicious cupcakes.

Simpl Zebra Decoration to Make your Cupcakes

You will need the following for the zebra decoration:

  • Wax paper
  • White fondant
  • Corn starch
  • Black Fondant
  • Rolling Pin
  • Pastry brush
  • Sharp knife

Here are the Step wise Instructions:

  • First thing to do is clean and dry a flat surface.
  • Then cover the area with wax paper.
  • Now sprinkle some corn starch on the wax paper. This will prevent the fondant from sticking to the paper.
  • Now neatly roll out white fondant on the wax paper using the rolling pin. The thickness should be uniform and measure quarter of an inch.
  • The rolled out sheet should be large enough to cut out a circle to cover the top of your cupcake.
  • Now it’s the black fondant’s turn. In the same way mentioned above, roll out black fondant.
  • Then cut out strips of the rolled out black fondant with a sharp knife. Try to keep each strip 1 inch thick.
  • When cutting the strips taper the ends like a spear instead of keeping it straight.
  • Apply a little water to one side of the black strips. Ensure that it is a light coat and does not make the fondant too wet.
  • Now press the water coated side of the fondant on the white fondant. Make a pattern with the black strips on the white layer. Make sure that each strip is placed in the same angle on the sheet to represent the stripes of a zebra.
  • Keep the fondants to dry for at least half an hour.
  • In the mean while frost your cupcakes lightly so that the fondant covering can sit properly on the cake top
  • Once the fondants have dried, cut out a circle that is big enough to cover the upper surface of the cupcake. Press the circular fondant lightly at the sides to ensure that it sticks on the frosting.

And there you have an amazing and fun cupcake with zebra stripes on top. An easy and interesting way to make your little cupcakes exotic and unique.



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