Halloween is that time of the year when not only children, but also, adults enjoy being scared and it is no wonder that it is one night of the year, when everybody looks forward to a party with food that looks spine chilling and tastes out of this world. Since this occasion centers more on children, it is important to keep in mind that the Halloween party snack ideas make your Halloween party a resounding success not only among the parents, but also, among children and should look hellish but taste heavenly.

Halloween Party Snack Ideas2


And that is one combination that is difficult to achieve, but not impossible. A few simple recipes given below are sure to make you famous in your neighbourhood, at least that night of the year, when you can move all the realms with your cooking, like, literally!

Halloween Party Marshmallow Pops

Halloween Party Snack Ideas1

When you are planning a Halloween party, essentially, it has to have certain delicacies that will appeal to children mostly. But let’s not forget that there is a child sleeping in all of us, and this time of the year, you are allowed to let that child out and what better way is there to celebrate that childhood than with some marshmallow pops, Halloween style! You can create your very own marshmallow pop to resemble a skull, or a mummy or a ghost or even a pumpkin. Using fondant, paper and party straws you can easily make them pop out and get a Halloween delicacy that truly rings in your childhood.

Halloween Hors D’ourvres

A party, Halloween or else, is incomplete without finger food and Hors D’ourvres is the best you can get when you are thinking about the perfect snack or appetizer for your guests. At a Halloween party, of course, the theme being Halloween, naturally the food you serve should bear the markings of this occasion as well. Using some simple cut-outs of cheese and meat, and some lettuce leaves you can very simply, yet innovatively, prepare these Hors D’ourvres with a creepy theme.

Bloody-Rimmed Martinis

A party is never a party if you don’t prepare a drink for the thirsty party goers, and since we are concentrating on Halloween as the theme, it is time to scare your guests with a martini. Sounds hardly scary? Well, try bloody –rimmed martinis! With a red icing trickling down the edges of your martini glass and the soothing, nutty and smooth flavour of coconut will be a welcome relief from some red punch, which is a staple at such parties.

Once you are all set with these recipes and more, if you can and want to celebrate Halloween, your house will become everybody’s haunt, literally.


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