When you start talking about the most important, valued and indispensable item in your kitchen, don’t even look beyond your knives. Having said that, it is also important to note that a professional chefs and kitchen attendants or assistants are very particular about their implements and a knife is almost an extension of the chef, hence, if you are in a chef’s kingdom, sharing his knife is a bad idea and there is no sharing a king’s sword!

But if you are just starting out and want to know which knife suits you or your style of cooking and the cuisine you are fond of, you should experiment and read a little rather than simply buying a knife set. Basically the mantra of choosing the correct kitchen knife depends on how experienced you are in the kitchen. If you are understandably a novice starting out with the following three knives are the best options you have.

An 8″ Chef’s Knife

Chef's Knife

So what if you are not a chef, per se? Trying your hand on the somewhat intimidating, but very useful, when you get used to it 8″ chef’s knife is not a bad idea at all. And if you have exalted dreams of making it professionally, all the more reason for you to start using it and become better at it. No matter what you cook, some common duties in the kitchen, like cutting vegetable, chopping them and chopping herbs and cutting steak or meat can essentially and proficiently be done with this knife. The mantra here is to use it regularly so that you hands are fingers can get acclimatised to it.

A Paring Knife

Paring Knife

Like everything cannot be accomplished only on the basis of size, all the tasks in the kitchen cannot be done with the chef’s knife and where the chef’s knife fails, because of its sheer size, the paring knife comes to the rescue. Tricky tasks in the kitchen, like paring, can only be left to the expertise of a paring knife and when it comes to peeling fruits and supreming lemons and lime and other citrus fruits, it will be difficult to imagine a day in the kitchen without your very faithful paring knife.

A Bread Knife

bread knife

A serrated knife, also known as the bread knife, is another example of a knife whose place cannot be taken by another. A truly indispensable item in your kitchen if you are an inhabitant of bread country and munching on a crisp toast or sandwiches or a bruschetta transports you to your happy place. Like bread can be used in any form and shape and size, for example, as croutons, you need an equally proficient bread knife to do the needful. And not only that, a bread knife can couple as a knife used to cut your very ripe tomatoes and also to level cakes.

To say that a knife is the most handy piece of implement in your kitchen, is an understatement, and taking care of the knife, cleaning and drying it and keeping them shiny and sharp are all required for their longevity and to enhance your culinary skills.


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